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Pay attention to this before selling gold without letters

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jual emas asked 4 months ago

Pay attention to this before selling gold without letters
In fact, with or without letters you can sell gold. However, the price is not as high as if you have a complete letter. The reason is, the shop must check the authenticity of the gold and its levels. The smelting process to determine the gold content takes time and costs. This is what causes the price of gold without paper to be lower. To minimize losses, it is better to pay attention to the following points before selling gold without Jakarta letters.
Pay attention to the price
Although a little inconvenient, checking the gold market price is useful for calculating the nominal you will get from the sale of gold. If the gold market price is low, it would be nice to discourage selling gold. The reason is, without a letter of purchase the price of gold will fall. You may experience big losses.
Wait until the gold market price is at its highest peak. It is at this time that you are advised to sell gold. Even though the selling price of gold without paperwork is not as high as the price of gold with complete paperwork, you can still make a profit.
Do a Gold Check
So that the selling value of gold is maintained, make sure that the gold you have is in good condition. Gold that is scratched, deformed, or dull in color is usually priced low. If you sell it without a letter, of course, the price will be lower and can cause big losses.
To deal with dull gold, you can re-wash it by soaking the gold in dish soap and warm water. Use a toothbrush to remove dirt and dust that sticks to it. Armed with this simple method, you will get a good gold price quote. Losses due to selling gold without paper can also be minimized.
Gold Grade
The Gold content is one of the important points that affect the price of gold. The higher the level, the higher the value. Even if you don’t have a letter explaining the gold content, try to recall or guess the gold content you have. This method is done to assess how much money you can get from selling gold.
Sell ​​at the Place to Buy Gold
Although gold can be sold anywhere, it would be wise to sell it where you bought it. This is done to reduce the risk of a bigger discount. The reason is, without a purchase letter, you will be charged an additional fee for administration. Not only that, if the gold you are selling is considered to be out of trend, the store will do the smelting. The smelting fee will be charged to you like the person selling the gold.